Like the pure, white snow

Even the majestic beauty of the Himalayas, the silence and the eternal snow and the winds of freedom – are nothing compared to your own inner self and your own essence. But maybe it is one of the best reflections in the physical realm of the Eternal inside your own self.

The Beloved One went to the Himalayas, to the homeland of the gods. Here he rests and enjoys – above the atmosphere of our human minds and so-called problems.

All human beings are fascinated and in awe by the Himalayas.
But if you have a silent mind – if you are just one with the moment, so the wind can just blow straight through you – then the beauty is indescribable. Because you become one with the nature, with the mountains, with the silence… There is silence outside and inside. No separation.

This is totally forgotten in the world today – the beauty, the silence and the grandeur that you are. Like the pure white snow in the mountains, on the peaks of the Everest…

You have that purity in you.

You have that silence in you.

You have that pure beauty in you.

Recognising and realizing that in oneself – compassion is born for everything.

Thank you, Beloved – for your compassion. For coming back down to the lowlands, to talk to us, to teach us, to kiss us, to lift us, to hit us, to show us… Thank you, for playing this divine role for us – so we can transform in your light, so we can get the trust and courage to climb the inner and outer mountains. So we slowly can realize the silence and the beauty that we are.

Soon we will sit at your feet in Mevlana Garden, in gratitude, in awe.

May the winds blow straight through us.  


Only by realizing your own inner beauty, will you realize and enjoy the outer beauty. Then there is a meeting with the inner and the outer, and there is no separation. There is just beauty, gratitude, silence, freedom… and a feeling of bowing down to the whole existence.

Aum Shanti