Babaji’s Butterfly Effect

I will make you fly, he says, showing us his wings.
Their beauty is breathtaking.

It seems unbelievable that such a thing is possible for us.
But just by being near him something starts to happen. It’s a mystery.
Secrets whispered in the night. Hearts touched by his caress.

Cocoons opening, one after another. Letting go of the old shell, butterflies are born. Unfolding our wings, we show our true colours. Babaji’s rainbow children, spreading in his garden.

Where else in this world could we go through such transformation? Where else are we allowed these qualities of being? Where else are our hearts nourished and fed until they dare to come out and fly?

Thank you beloved Master, for touching us, caressing us with your wings, nourishing and feeding us, for giving us birth into this unknown, mysterious, blissful life.

Our true nature is blissful silence. Not anxiety. Not problems. Not this restless mind that never finds peace – but blissful silence. That is what is possible for you, but you have to empty out all that is unnecessary.