The Dance of Life

During these precious retreats,
it sometimes feels as if we have lived
a whole lifetime in a day.
Around the Master, time loses meaning.
In fact everything we think we know loses meaning.
All that we think we are is challenged
and, if we are lucky, we can embrace this “not knowing”.

What a gift, to be innocent and free again,
like a newborn baby, gazing at the world in awe and wonder,
everything new, fresh and exciting!

The Master, however, is not a parent.
He is the midwife
helping us to come to this new awareness.
Pushing us gently forward, rather than leading us.
Showing us the path, but it is up to us to dance it.


Let me remind you, I’m not your leader.
In my reality, we are already here. Everything is perfect. There is nowhere to go.
I don’t want you to follow me. I want you to use your own intelligence.
That’s what the Master is there for, to awaken your own intelligence. To clean your eyes, so you can see.
Much easier than leading! You get clean, then we dance together. Here. Now.