Everlasting Spring

Here we are. We are once again attracted to the oasis where spring is everlasting.

Behind the Temple of the White Lotus the sun descends, melting in orange and rosy tones, but within, He is always shining and being in His presence for these precious days, we already feel fresh again.

Our Beloved welcomes us with good news and offers us innumerable keys so that we can open ourselves, empty ourselves and release everything that is not essential. By simply being in tune, we quench our thirst in the endless source that is His Love.

Here in His Paradise everything is available and we are overcome by that passionate sensation of being in the right place at the right time with the right people. What’s more, we have our sweet Baba showing us how to be in harmony and whole. He teaches us to relax and empty our minds when we go to sleep so that after a peaceful night we can wake up refreshed. He also tells us that a good laugh upon waking nourishes the heart, leaving it happy and receptive for the good things in life.

With infinite patience and love He guides us, explaining that everything becomes easy when we surrender to Truth, Peace, Love. When we find shelter there, we feel that freshness in the center of our chest, our green and sacred inner oasis, of which beloved Rumi so beautifully reminds us.

So we can finally see that we are in front of one of the faces of God, a luminous expression that exudes the sweet nectar of Truth. A sun that has come to stay and brings innocent smiles to our faces. It makes us sing, run, play, dance, makes us see that it is possible to feel free to get drunk on the juice of Life.

This is our Babaji.

Something incomparable, inexplicable, untranslatable, immeasurable – who awakens the heart in joy and causes it to flourish silently like a lotus in paradise.

And may the sun come … because life is very beautiful and our Beloved is pure celebration!