Our Beloved invited us to come to him in mysterious India. And here we are, in this magical place and closer to heaven, in the Himalayas. Already on the trip to Leh, flying over the mountains, we have some of the most spectacular views ever seen, a real overdose of beauty for the soul. On land, we see a wild and arid nature that also presents us with crystal clear waters and colorful radiant flowers. We are greeted by gentle and simple people, who make us feel at home, so friendly that it is impossible not to love them from the first meeting.

There are so many temples full of beauty, so many places where we can feel the sacred among these majestic mountains, and we overflow with joy to be with our Babaji in this unique place. Meeting with the Guru in the midst of the Himalayas is perhaps the greatest dream of every seeker. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to be with our Beloved here, continuing in some way an ancient tradition that goes beyond the scriptures, rituals, any belief or practice – to sit with the Master.

In his wisdom, He takes us on the most formidable adventures so that we can experience different flavors, sounds and fragrances, so that we can reinvent ourselves by having new experiences in other cultures. But we are always reminded that the journey is inward and no matter where we are, we will only find what we seek within us.

Our Babaji has brought us here to share the innocence and simplicity that pulsates in the people of this place. From the first Satsang we contemplate the reverence, respect and joy with which our Beloved is received, warming our hearts that melt with contentment. How beautiful to witness their devotion and love for the sacred, for the enlightened ones – something we are not at all used to see in the dry, materialistic culture of the West. 

Here, in these mountains where for thousands of years so many meditated and sought the Truth, we can still feel the energy of those who attained enlightenment, even if they are not physically present anymore. Our Beloved tells us that everything is available here and we just have to be silent and receptive to perceive the invisible.

We, fortunate seekers, modern sannyasins, have the most valuable, our Beloved by our side. We no longer need to search books, temples, ceremonies, make pilgrimages or isolate ourselves from the world.

Our Babaji is here in front of us and in our hearts. He is in full view and in that most secret and intimate place within us. In this certainty we can relax and simply thank for what we are living.

We can play and repeat innocently: juley, juley, juley …