The Heart needs no Language

To be with a mystic is to live the mystery of life fully, consciously.
Normally, we take this miracle of human existence for granted.
We call ourselves human beings but the “being” is easily overlooked. In a world of constant distractions, it is very seldom that we give ourselves the gift of stopping, of being.

The energy of the Master is peace. He is an alive nowness. Sitting in his presence, we are reminded of ourselves. Not the selves we think we are. Not the selves we have been told we are, but our true selves. Beyond time, beyond form, beyond words.

The paradox is that the Master is speaking of things which cannot be described, to disciples whose minds have no way of understanding. But in some mysterious way, through his hinting, joking, singing, laughing, and his silence – he is giving us a flavour of who we really are.
This flavour, this scent, this feeling, is not available through words and yet we hear it. It is surrounding us, infusing us, marinating us. And the heart is the one who takes it all in.

The heart needs no language. It understands.

And our King of Hearts smiles as he sees that – maybe, just maybe – we are starting to hear.

My whole work is to threaten your ego from all sides.
So it gets so afraid that it escapes you. Hopefully for good.
Then we will laugh together.

Vasant Swaha