The most Amazing journey

Sitting at your feet is the most amazing journey.
I close my eyes.
A warm desert wind that smells of cinnamon and coloured silk caresses our faces.
And voices of ancient mystics are whispering beautiful poems.

Thousands of trembling flames are floating on the Ganga, reflecting their orange light in the water.
In this silence, we can hear the slight soft sound of the footsteps of the saint that is coming closer.
A far echo chants a Tibetan mantra, prayer flags fluttering in a bright blue sky.
You are here.

Who are you, Beloved?

The first ray of sun on the skin after a long winter.
The heat of crackling fire heating cold bodies.
A dip in the cold refreshing water takes away any thought.
Drops of melting snow are carrying the promise of a blissful spring.

You are here.

I open my eyes.

Suddenly, you are just playing a George Harrison song, dancing like the most playful and innocent child.
You are here, in a beautiful human body.
Here, available for us, sharing all the beauty of the universe, without any time or space.
My heart just melts into the ocean of your love.
No words to express the infinite gratitude I feel.

Sitting at your feet is the most amazing journey.


The most amazing journey is to come back home

Vasant Swaha