Can you feel it?


How long since I stopped, just to feel

the wind against my cheek,

bare feet in the meadow,

the flowers caressing my legs?



Had I forgotten the smell of fresh rain in the pine trees,

the taste of sweet river water

the feeling of the sun drying my wet skin?



I stopped and looked and saw

the small blue beetle crossing in front of my feet.



Could I forget my own heart, beating against a tree, beating with all the trees, the birds and the flowers?



I open all my windows, letting nature into every room.



And then I can hear the footsteps of the Master

on the stone path. He is coming.



See. Feel. Hear. Smell. Eat. Drink.

He is here.



When man is natural, at peace, there is no becoming, you are relaxed in the moment.
Like everything else is.