Becoming Love

In the days before the Summer Retreat, we gather in Dharma Mountain to make everything beautiful and to prepare the place, and ourselves, to receive the Master.
Coming together – to serve our own hearts and the beauty we are living at his feet.

One friend shares:

One thing surprises me again and again; To see that it is only in the moments where I totally forget myself, that I am truly happy.
To be with a living Master – to serve what is happening around him – is the most delicious shortcut to forget myself; to just be available and do what is needed to be done.

“Without devotion, all you are is a beast of burden”. The words are from a poem by a mystic called Surdas, and they have been coming to me lately. They strike me, because I recognize the truth of them in my own life. Without devotion, all I am is a beast of burden.

The times I get lost in my own problems, in my fears of not being good enough, in my desires to be better or in my personal story and traumas – In the focus on “me” – the clouds and the weight take me.

But again and again, the Beloved Master tricks me, just by his presence, just by being available for me to lose myself in the love for him, in gratitude.
The clouds evaporating, the full moon shining – and I am running, pulsating, serving – with the heart and body full of joy.

Forgetting my little self, I find myself.
In giving myself to Love, I become Love.

Tending to the garden, cleaning and maintaining the houses, preparing the food, putting up the tents. Being together. Meditating, hugging, laughing, crying. How easy life becomes, when we are just available.

Out of the blue, the Beloved is suddenly here to see us. And what grateful faces he is met with.
In the moment we are realizing how blessed we are… how immensely blessed we are…

How to speak, how to write?
Just bowing down in gratitude.