With love from Bali

Beloved Sangha friends,

Here are a few pictures from Babaji’s trip to Bali, along with greetings from him 🙂 


Though Swaha is an overflowing source of love and light, at times it can be draining for him to be close to people, always available with his love and energy to lift us and enlighten us. This time off is very good for him, to just be silent with himself and enjoy being ‘incognito’ – chilling, swimming, exploring, being in nature, meeting beautiful Balinese people.

Watching Swaha interacting with the Balinese people is a very sweet sight. The people here are still natural, easy-going, present, and it is very easy for Babaji to connect with them in that space, laughing and enjoying together.
Balinese hearts get touched and start bubbling with joy when they meet Love himself.

“This is no ordinary tourist…”

Babaji sends his love and blessings to all disciples and lovers.