The Deepest Friend

To sit with you. The night sky expands inside me, in wonder. Thousands of butterflies open their wings, pulsating under my skin.

I have asked myself; how can I share about this friendship?

It is the friendship with the depths of my own soul. The depths that, slowly, through years with you, are rising to the surface, shining through my face.

It is the friendship with the flowers, the clouds, the blue sky, the birdsong.

The friendship with the heart of every human being.

Being friends with you, is to be friends with the universe, with myself, with God.

You have ignited that in me, that can meet myself, and God, in every living being. That can recognize we all come from the same source.

To sit with you.

I am shy to open my eyes, and see your indescribable beauty. I am shy, to look in the mirror, to see my shining face – reflecting in your love.