Here and Now


You are actually here! 
In the forest temple, in the mountains, in Norway!

We can see you, hear your laughter, smell the rain in the pines.
The sound of the river running, along with the tears in our eyes.
The bubbling joy arises – it is true, it is actually happening.

The world is gone – it is just on the surface.
You take us in. Deep. Until all that is here is You, is Now.

You don’t need anything if you are rich on the inside. You can be rich on the outside, which now almost everyone is in the western world, but they are not happy. Because they have forgotten their true nature. So then it doesn’t matter how much you have on the outside, what kind of image you have, inside you are very poor.
Turn in. Come back to your inner richness. That is what the world needs now.