Sshhh… Don´t tell anyone.
Miracles are happening here.
In this forest in Norway, eyes are shining, blissful smiles appear on faces.
A joy, that we cannot explain.

Where is it coming from?
We don’t know. We don’t know.

But the Beloved is sitting here, in front of us.
He plays with us, dances, teases… He pours us into Silence, we can’t help it, we are dissolving. He shows us a dance and a depth to life that we didn’t know existed.

There are some moments I wonder; have we been here forever?
This dance, his face, this moment… Have they always lived inside of me? Has it always been?
We do not belong to time.

Yet it is through time, that he has been polishing us, like the water polishes the rocks in the river. Slowly, slowly – we are transforming. And sometimes, suddenly, we break open.

How does it happen?
We don’t know. We don’t know.

But to sit in Satsang – to witness the shining faces, the exploding hearts, tears of joy and gratitude. To see what is possible, to live and flower in this human life, shining in his light.


Miracles are happening here, in this silent forest.
The birds are coming closer. The bees, the butterflies, the human hearts.
Ah! This nectar, this honey!