Hallelujah till the end of days

A living Master is here!

In every possible way, he is waking us up.

He dances – 
Sometimes like gentle sunbeams in the forest.
Sometimes like a wild and playful river.

He tells us jokes, so we lose ourselves in laughter –
tricking us out of our seriousness and stiffness, so we can relax.

His sword of Truth cuts through bullshit and ideas.

In his eyes, we glimpse the eternal sky.
And when our blindspots reveal themselves, He is the light.

He caresses us – 
with a smile, a soft breeze or in silence.

In his presence, trust deepens.

Like the sun, he floods us with his Being.

Our Master is Life Itself, 
calling us home.

Thank You, Beloved Master –
for one more beautiful retreat in your sacred forest.

Thank You –
for giving us the chance to live and learn at your feet.