Glorious Days

It is time to celebrate.

Spring has come.

The birds, the wind, the sun, the rain, the flowers – everything is in celebration.

Our thirsty hearts also feast and dive into this explosion of life.

The Beloved is here.

His presence is contagious and we melt. We are reminded that we are in a place of constant celebration. He invites us to participate in an endless feast, where true banquets are served, full of delicious delicacies: sweet snacks, dishes of wisdom, portions of silence, washed down with the sweet nectar of life.

We realize how thirsty and hungry we were. Our Babaji patiently feeds us, nourishes us, heals us, creating space for the new. We feel at home, snuggled in a nest, receiving food, care, love. When we realize this, we dance, sing, jump, feel light, refreshed, relaxed and happy.

Our Master makes us stronger, more real, more confident – and he encourages us to spread our wings and fly. And because he is here and because it is spring, we want to fly beside him and get lost in this immense Love he exudes.

Spring has come, the Beloved is here. The days are glorious and our hearts blossom, bathed in so much freshness and light. It is irresistible, it is joyful, it is sweet and silent.
It is him, it is Love.