Winds of Freedom

A strong wind is blowing, whistling in the trees, creaking the temple,
where hundreds of seekers ride a wave of No-Mind.

This wind is shaking us, swirling up the dust, cracking us open.
We are emptying out the blabbering thoughts, the restlessness, the insanity,
flushing out what was hidden under old carpets, feelings left behind closed doors
and ghosts we didn’t know about.

We are throwing out everything, to be clean, to be new, to be free.

And after the storm, the silence comes – peace comes.
Feeling a new wind, a soft breeze, caressing us, calling us, whispering to us
with words of freedom, truth and love.
Oh, let this wind of the Beloved lift us, embrace us, carry us home,
to a place that only the heart knows!

Come back to yourself, come back to the source,
where there is always peace.
Here is a safe place for that.
This is the garden of the hearts.

Vasant Swaha