The Art of Living

It happens so easily,
when we are with him.

joy rises,
peace unfolds,
silence takes us over

and, without even noticing,
we forget
our small selves;
our problems and dramas.

In his retreat,
we are riding his wave –
embraced by his fragrance,
soaked in his grace.

After the retreat
it is up to us
to take care of it,
and nourish it.

It is up to us
to bring it with us,
and integrate it
into our daily lives.

The Art of Living.

The deeper you go, the more you understand.

The deeper you go, everything starts transforming in your life: Your work, your understanding, your creativity, your love… Everything.

Vasant Swaha

This is the playfulness, the celebration of life: Accepting everything, and doing the best out of it – no matter what situation you are in.

Vasant Swaha