Beginner’s luck

To be with the Beloved, I came to this world,
to unveil my heart,
to melt graciously
and be immense gratitude.

I live to reflect his beauty,
silent in eternal love
whispering in his light,
such beginner’s luck.

In dying, may the moment be pure
and the depth embrace me.
Nothing more can I desire
but to lose myself in the Beloved.

You need patience, because the habits are so deep. Let it sink in, nurture it. Don’t be in a hurry. Silent meditation will sooner or later make you go beyond your restless mind. When you sit silently, just allowing yourself to relax, tuning into the sounds, the hammerfrog, the silence of the night, your own breath – slowly, slowly nothing happens. You are one with the whole. You enjoy, just like the birds, the fish and the cat enjoy, because you are harmonious, you are just yourself. The mind, your habits, your own demons cannot disturb you. You are your own master. That is what I call the natural man, the natural woman.

Vasant Swaha