After a week of laughter and warm summer days, the rain has come, inspiring us to go deeper. We gather in the Temple to cry together, to give space for whatever is there; Allowing things to come, to transform and to go. Trusting, taking shelter in the Master.

For some, the tears may come easily, for others barriers might be encountered. However it is, we are all being cleansed by this process, being courageous to come to meet ourselves and to open up. And after a week of crying, the tidal waves go on dissolving in the vast ocean inside. What an opportunity we have been given!

Kabir says:

Clouds of love
came on me showering;
Soaked the heart
greening the inner jungle.

With the support from the silence, the atmosphere invites us to rest inside – and what better place to do so than at the feet of the Beloved?