Sitting silently, doing nothing,
the Macarena happens by itself.

As we sit in silence in the Temple,
the music floats in on the breeze from across the lagoon.
It seems to be a fitting end to a crazy week.
We have been laughing for 3 hours every day.
Challenging our stamina,
breaking the limits we thought we had,
finding laughter in the most unusual places.

Our crazy Master shows us that life is fun.
He invites us to laugh at our own seriousness
and to join him on this joyful path –
the path back to our innocent, giggling selves.

So many times people say – ‘If I go beyond the mind, if I lose my mind, will I just be a vegetable?’
But looking at me, it is better to be a happy vegetable,
than to be a serious, sane, depressed ego.

Vasant Swaha