The buttercup close

I had forgotten to hold the buttercup close
and let its bright yellow reflect on my chin.

I had forgotten to let the soft willow leaves
pass slowly through my hands
and to let the wind caress my neck for no gain nor reason.

I had forgotten to hear the little robin’s call
and how another one joyfully responds
and that the wind in every tree has its own special song.

I had forgotten to feel myself as part of it all
how it takes me into its embrace.

By my Master’s grace, I remember
that everything is here and now.

The buttercup and I are one.

Thank you beloved Master, for showering us with surprise upon surprise this blissful summer!

When all separation has disappeared, then you are in your natural state of being. Your original face, your true self. That is love. That is freedom. That is ecstasy.

Remembering that, everything falls into place. Forgetting that, you are lost. Blessed are those who remembers. Blessed are those who embrace the truth.

Vasant Swaha

How can one be afraid of falling apart, if one is in the embrace of God?

Vasant Swaha