In the Moment

Our beloved Master always invites us to come back to the moment and here in the Summer Retreat, we are blessed with many special moments.

Moments to feel vulnerable, to feel joy, to feel pain, anger, madness, laughter – the rainbow of human experience in one place. Moments to feel safe to express our deepest feelings, to dare to be courageous, to drop the mind control and let it all out.

Twenty one days of dynamic meditation gives us the opportunity to breath, to express emotions, to push beyond our perceived limits, to stop and observe and to dance in celebration. Each stage, each moment, is unique and also part of the flow. A mysterious jigsaw which, as the pieces fall into place, reveals a picture that we could not have imagined.

All these beautiful moments are in preparation for the most precious moment of all. The moment we sit in Satsang with the beloved. The moment we open up to receive his love, his guidance, his infinite compassion and care.

Being in the presence of one who is in the eternal moment is contagious. We can taste the freshness, the energy and we join the divine dance. If we are lucky, we catch the buddha disease.