The Art of Let-Go

We learn to let go by first discovering what we cling to.
Looking inside, we inquire into our reasons and see our situation. 
When we understand, let go can happen.

It is love which allows all the barriers to come down;
it allows us to trust and go deeper,
going beyond the known, the safe.
In this love, we can let go of everything

And suddenly, not knowing how or why, 
we open, letting go into the sky.

You are here to look at yourself. To see what is holding you back and to let it all go. If you are just a slave to your conditioning and to what others think about you, you will never be free. Love is one of the best ways to escape the prison of pain.

Vasant Swaha

Rumi says: ‘Lose your soul in love. I swear, there is no other way.’
That says it all. Focus on love, focus on the real, on silence.

Vasant Swaha