the land of smiles

The Beloved takes us to the most beautiful places! This time, we are in the mountains of northern Thailand. Almost 200 friends have travelled from around the world to be with him here.

Thailand is an embrace, it touches us.
The sweetness, innocence and gentleness of the people. The gardens, the food and the decoration display so much care. It is an invitation to relax, to let go.

An abundance of beauty is found everywhere.

In the city, in the middle of the forest, on the mountain tops… In the most unexpected places, there are temples. Big, golden buddhas, singing bells, dancing flags and pure white castles.

It is a paradise.

Following the Master is always an adventure, and on the journey we learn about ourselves. Sometimes we travel with light hearts, other times we are challenged. We get the chance to see and experience ourselves in new ways. Being out of our everyday routines, our habits and comfort zones – suddenly we surprise ourselves.

Being here, the beauty of the Sangha is revealed. Seeing the shining eyes, the friendships, the care, the courage to be vulnerable and to be seen by each other.

Seeing what the Master has created – this climate around him.
He is showering us with Love, so that we can trust, we can open, we can flower – so that his fragrance can be released in each one of us.

Sitting with him in Satsang.
Closing our eyes.
Recognizing that the deepest beauty is within.
That the greatest adventure is to discover ourselves.

The holy place is always Here, always Now.
What a miracle to be in the presence of an awakened one.