What is Silence?

Silence is everywhere, if we take the time to find it,
and time is what we have in this eternal now with our Beloved.

Silence in the dawn, with its fiery skies.
Silence in the flames that dance in the fire.
Silence in the mountains, as the sun illuminates the snow blown peaks.

Silence in the space between the everyday noises.
Silence in the full moon, rising behind the winter-bare trees.
Silence in the stopping.
Silence seeping into every aspect of our lives.

Silence in the presence of the Master.
The most precious.
The most glorious.
And when he loses himself in bliss, we all follow.

When love comes in, everything shifts – when the intention of your life becomes love, becomes truth. That opens a whole new door, a new dimension.

Rest in peace, rest in love. Embrace yourself and take good care. Just allow yourself to melt into a puddle. Practice now, to let go, to melt, to be. This is the invitation.

Vasant Swaha