The Spring that comes in Winter

The Master invites us to stop.
To open up and bring awareness into everything we do.
Walking on the slippery ice,
enjoying a meal
or simply sitting silently.
And in this quietness, we hear nature’s whisper: “You are welcome, relax.”

And so we melt.
Like ice that surrenders its form when the sunlight hits.
Outside is frosty,
but inside, our hearts are dripping.
How to explain melting in love?

Only the Beloved brings Spring in the middle of Winter.

This is what you have forgotten and what you are longing for. Your own peace. To rest in the heart, in yourself, in your Being. Now embrace your own heart, embrace your peace. Come closer, and bring it with you when you start moving, when you go back to whatever you go back to, whatever you do in your life. When you go to bed tonight, allow yourself to relax, to become conscious, to feel your heart – that “YES”, I want to listen, I have the courage to be free.

Vasant Swaha