In his hands

We are resting in ourselves,
with each breath becoming more
and more like the lotus,
resting softly on the pond.

And like the bird,
that rests on a green branch,
we are resting in his hands
patiently, silently.

A breeze stirs,
and suddenly
the bird takes flight.

Ah! His love takes us over,
carrying us to the sky!

Little did we know
that resting makes us fly.

This is my whole teaching. To go beyond that which you think are you. And be that which you are.

When you evaporate into ecstasy, into peace, into vastness, when you come into your true self – that is what I call grace. It is not in your hands. You cannot do it. It is something that happens, almost in spite of you. But when it has happened, then there is not a fight anymore. Then you can allow. it. You can allow yourself to disappear. And when you disappear, God is. Presence is. Consciousness is. Peace is. The Master is.

Vasant Swaha

Beloved Master,

You make me very happy.

I really felt like writing to you to thank you.

You go on reminding us to smile, to slow down. To just stop and look at trees and the ocean so mysterious. You remind us to bow down humbly and to widen our view. Even when we forget, you just wait so patiently and for that I’m so grateful. And when I forget to be grateful I will make an effort to come back to you. For I can not do this alone and I trust you more than I trust myself.

I just want to melt into this love.