Kids Retreat

The children took over Mevlana Garden! In a retreat just for them, prepared with much love, dedication, and the longing to share a bit of what we live at the feet of the Master.

For two days, the Beloved’s Garden was taken by the joy, innocence, fun, sweetness and intensity of children of all ages, from 9 months to 13 years old.

Parents and grandparents had the opportunity to meet and rest in the beauty of the garden, while the little ones were able to play together, explore the senses, the movemenst and body awareness, the connection with nature, while playfully immersing themselves in the path of meditation.

Inspired by the story of the turtle friend and the bunny, a playful language was created to invite the children to slow down, take a deep breath and come back to the moment with more presence and awareness in each activity.

Everyone dove in head first! We had lots of dancing, acroyoga, shaking, gibberish, laughter, mini meditation, drawing and art, planting seedlings in the garden, meals made with love – all to offer the children a little taste of what the parents experience in a retreat.

At the end, the kids were left with a sense of belonging, feeling seen and cherished. The parents felt completeness, seeing such an important part of their lives embraced with love. And the White Lotus temple was blessed with a light and innocent energy, as the fairy kids spread their fragrance everywhere.

Jai Babaji!