Heart Letters

Listen to the Heart

Hello my dear!

My name is D.! I arrived here without knowing much about you, I just felt that I should come, like a calling felt by the heart.

Before arriving to you I was already hanging around close to here. I would leave the city where I live and come to this beach in front here and I would think: “This place shines!” Why do I like it so much here? It is the most beautiful place for me… without knowing how close to you I was.

I had never been in Satsang, I had never seen a master, and I think that my mind still doesn’t know what is happening…

But it is ok because I can feel, and I feel so much peace, so much joy here, so much love.
It is the same way as I could feel Osho’s words when I began to read his books… everything so simple, so true, so loving.

I have always been a seeker, I have always known that we are Beings of light and love, and that we should wake up, because for some reason we had forgotten about it.

And now I am here, and I see you, I feel you. And in Satsang you say: “Relax, you arrived home!”

These words echoed deep in my Being and an overflowing energy turned into tears of joy. After my first Satsang I cried for some hours, feeling joy and relief, for knowing that I have really arrived home!

So, like I said, my mind, which doesn’t even know what is happening, tells me that it is early… but my heart knows that I took so long to arrive. I remember my first Osho book:
“Listen to your heart”.

So I’m like this, happy and in peace, and my heart asks you very lovingly for my sannyas, so that I may follow this path, close to you and to yours!

With tenderness, a flower to you!