Heart Letters

It’s all about Love

Most dear and beloved Swaha,

I’ve just come out of Satsang and felt the urge to write down my feelings to you. It is my first time at the retreat and I didn’t know much what to expect. I actually didn’t have an opinion about this retreat until now, even though some caring and curious sannyasins have constantly asked me that.

For the past days I felt my heart growing inside my cheast, being recharged with a kind of love I only felt as an innocent child. I thought that this place was magic, it seemed to have its own aura, filled with good vibrations and energy.

Sitting today in Satsang and looking around me, I finally understood what this is all about: L-O-V-E, love!
All the beautiful faces I saw here were full of joy and passionate love for life. Everyone here carries a beauty that is showed mostly through their eyes. I can see their souls through their eyes and this is something profoundly outstanding in the rush and chaotic world we live in.

Suddenly, I realized that none of this would be possible without your presence. You are the main reason why all these wonderful people are united, melting into one.

So, I closed my eyes and prayed to the universe that you could spread your love and clarity throughout the entire world.

Each one of the friends I’ve made here carry a little bit of you. I love them, they will be in my heart forever and so will you.

Thank you so much for this blessed week, Baba!

Yours, with tons of love,