Heart Letters

One Step

Beloved Baba,

Yesterday somebody called me an “old timer” and I really had to laugh inside, because I feel just like a beginner. The honey moon is over; many illusions have gone down the drain, but what has really changed? Honestly, I don’t know.

I’m not just old, but ancient in this game. And definitely I know less and less, to the point that for me there is no path, or the path has one single step… NOW!

Bhagwan used to remind us to become aware of the gaps in between the stream of thoughts. Well, beloved Baba, sometimes sitting with you, I find myself in the gap… stillness embraces me and the inner sky is flooded with “the light that does not move”… as Papaji called it.

And that’s maybe the only thing that I’ve learned in all these years: that the gap exists, that it is possible but not in my hands, and that I need to be with you, my Master, for it to happen. It’s very simple.

Thank you for your infinite patience.

I love you.