Heart Letters

Surf Wisdom

Beloved Swaha,

Just to share beautiful lessons.

The path can be like a day surfing. In the beginning many waves break on your head, one after the other. And even if some rub you hard against the sandy bottom, you’d better find your board again, take a deep breath and move on.

At times it can be scary to find yourself in the middle of that big ocean, but you’ve got to paddle on resolutely, one wave after the other.

After that, out in the deep waters, the beauty begins to show itself… a great sunny day in the blue ocean.

Out in the depth, the waves pass by, and you simply go on watching, and if a really good one comes your way, it’s a good chance to have some real fun.

The important thing is to have trust and determination, the rest is pure fun.

I just love it when you tell us about your great adventures, I love adventures, I love life, I love you,

With trust,

Yours, T.