Courage of the Heart

If you never searched for the truth,
come with us,
and you will become a seeker.

If you were never a musician, a dancer,
come with us,
and you will find your voice, your dance.


As the Winds of Freedom blow through Mevlana Garden, many new friends are finding their dance and some old seekers are rediscovering their path. All are drawn to the light which is our beloved Master – the candle which can light a hundred candles. In the bright light of his love, there is no place to hide. If you come into this light, you will see your true self – if you have the courage. Courage which comes from the heart, from love. In love, everything is possible.

β€œThe truth is one. The mind is many.” We can so easily get trapped in the mind’s ideas of how we should be. We recognize that something is missing and we search for fulfillment. Unconsciously, we can look for it in material things: money, cars, houses – but these things cannot fulfill us. We need something deeper, something real.

And this is what we are here for – to drop the false, to take off the masks, to end the games – to find the real. In this family of fellow seekers, we can be true to ourselves. We can be real with each other, we can find our freedom. The freedom to find ourselves, to accept ourselves, to love ourselves. The freedom to let go and simply be.