Waves of Love


It is autumn in Mevlana Garden. The high energy of the summer season is fading, and the slower pace brings peace to the garden of our Beloved. Glorious sunsets silhouette flocks of birds returning to their nests. Like them, the friends of truth – seekers, old and new – flock to a place where they can find peace. Where they can stop for a while, to rest and to gather the strength to look inside.


Brave souls have flown here, called by the heart to share in the one big Heart. The innocent Heart. As we dive into a process which aims to help us regain our own innocent heart, we put our trust in each other and ultimately, in our beloved Master.



The cleansing, active meditations wash the dust from our souls, allowing us to see and feel more clearly – from the heart. And already – before the first Satsang – we can feel the Waves of Love washing over us.