Lightness of Being


There is so much magnificence here by the sea. Waves of Love have washed us, rounded our edges and purified our selves.


Many of us have dedicated these last five weeks of our lives to seeking something more true, more real, something deeper in our beings. We were called by a silent voice, the whispering of the heart.

And suddenly, we feel a lightness of being. Delightful.

It’s not what I’m saying. It’s to fall in tune. In Harmony.

Vasant Swaha


In this harmony, a deeper truth of our selves has had the chance to come through.
The flower of our beautiful self has bloomed in the light of our Beloved.


When you are empty, at peace, then the journey starts. Because now for the first time you have listened to your own inner silent voice. It’s so beautiful. And that will give you courage to drop whatever is in the way. At least then you know that it’s possible. And that gives one great hope. That’s all what is needed, when you know that the door can be opened – it’s not locked. And when that door opens, you see the whole world outside.

Vasant Swaha

130503_BR_Savini_178Our playful Master is giving us such a precious gift. As we go on in life, we bring this treasured gift with us, in our hearts, together with a sea of gratitude.

Thank you, Beloved Vasant Swaha, for this blessed life.