The Beloved has returned to the mountains! He has brought with him the spring, and the intensity of life in this season – rain, sun, wind, hail – everything in one day. And everything is welcome.

Green takes over the landscape while the mountain tops still wear their hats of white snow. The rivers are flowing, wild and relaxed; our beloved Master showing us how to live this divine life of surrender and love. Not holding back, not trying to fight the direction life flows, not trying to slow down, nor to speed up. Becoming friends with life and with nature, welcoming everything as it is.

He gave us the gift of a surprise Satsang, sharing with us his infectious joy of living and gently reminding us of what we have – that this is our own life, our own possibility.

You need to learn to live in a new way. Out of awareness, out of gratitude, out of the moment… There shouldn’t be any separation between work and meditation, because meditation should be part of life.

So, as nature spontaneously bursts into life, the invitation for us is to do the same. Not with effort, but to relax and allow it to flow.

Everything transforms when you are happy and grateful. Grateful for where you are and who you are.