The Invitation



The Invitation is here, always.
How blessed are the souls who have discovered this!


Our silent voice is calling, always.

Now, we listen to this voice even more carefully, as the Invitation is being manifested in the “River of Peace”, our Summer Retreat this year.

Beautiful friends, responding to their inner voices, have found their way to Dharma Mountain. Hearts rejoice in seeing each other again, preparing the grounds, and deeper than that, for sharing Love from the heart. It cannot be explained, but still it is so true.



In this depth, we find the courage to walk down unmarked paths, into unknown layers of our being. This week, we explore how to relate from the heart. We share precious moments of vulnerability and truth. In the eyes of our friends, we see reflections of our selves. Through this seeing, we can grow and see the beauty of who we really are.




And when we meet the eyes of our Beloved Master, we know that it is possible to find it – to find our own truth. To rest in who we really are. Blissful gratitude radiates from each heart. Satsang is happening!


Thank you, Beloved.