In the stillness of the beloved’s garden, the summer showers come and go… and the sun remains. The seeds which were planted with love and care four weeks ago, have grown under the loving care of the Master gardener. Seekers who planted themselves at the feet of the beloved find that they have grown in love and have become beautiful heart flowers. Fluttering butterflies have flown into the dark caverns of the heart and brought with them the colors of the sun.


When we have found such joy and freedom, celebration takes over. The celebration of a heart finally coming home to rest in the Self. We become part of the flower mala which adorns the guru. We join the dance of the Bhaktis, the Bauls and the Sufis; open hearts surrendering to the bliss, drunk on the nectar of the divine.


The weeks of homework are bearing fruit. Having the courage to look within, daring to be alone with ourselves, has given us a glimpse of the truth.

The truth is not for the masses. It is not a highway for the crowds. It’s a narrow mountain path.
And the Master is there to put light on this pathless path.


Letting go of resistance, a sweet melting happens by itself. Acceptance. Acceptance that what we have found is real. Whatever is happening on the outside, acceptance gives us freedom. Freedom from the mind. And the opportunity to live in peace and joy. To flower.
And what can a flower do, but turn to face the sun?

The journey becomes more and more beautiful. More and more real. You become more and more devoted to it, because you see more and more what is true and what is false. What has any value and what has no value.
Get out of your own way. Be happy. Be available. Learn the new language of the heart.