The Way of the Heart



Our beloved Master guides us on a simple, beautiful and natural way. First, he shows us how to unburden our mind and emotions. To drop tensions, to change the negative into the positive, to move from the head to the heart. He shows us the possibility of a life of peace, tranquility and happiness. When we are established in that – feeling relaxed, happy and content – real silence and meditation can happen more easily.

We cannot do meditation.
We cannot do silence.
All we can do is to prepare the ground and invite it.

In this video from Satsang, Swaha answers a letter from a friend who has just experienced how juicy the way of the heart can be.

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Go beyond the positive and the negative. That is the true yoga. Not this or that. That is true silence. You just are. In your own being. Now you are in total balance.

As the silence goes deeper, the senses become more intuitive. Thoughts and ideas which come from the outside are flushed out and what is left is a clean sense of peace, gratitude and love. For some, the vastness of existence is suddenly experienced. For a moment, everything relaxes – all identifications are broken – and one simply is.



Nothing has changed, yet everything is different. Every moment has a completely different fragrance. There is only this moment, and blessed are those who can be it.