Essence of Life


You are a rainbow, but many people just live as one color.

Vasant Swaha


Sometimes living a hard, fast modern life can leave no space for rainbows. But when we open our eyes we can see so much more than we normally do. It is so good to find a place to stop and see; to broaden our horizons, to experience all the colors of life.


Sensing in our hearts that more is possible, we feel the call to rise above the survival instinct and regain our natural, higher state. To do this, we must look at ourselves. Where in this hard world can we risk to be vulnerable? Where can we risk to show ourselves and find our true nature?

…in the garden of the Beloved…


In this first week of the Essence of Life retreat, we are on a journey through the Chakras. Exploring the colors and emotions of each one in turn, rising from the animal nature towards the divine; from the noise towards the silence.





In the sacred space of Satsang, we sit with our beloved Babaji, who is Love, who is Truth. A living example of one who has realized his true nature. His presence inspires us. His words light our path. His being reminds us of who we really are.


If you are not in touch with your heart, you will not understand me. The heart is a bridge from the higher to the lower, from the lower to the higher.



Hearts are awakening. Energy is flowing. Love is blossoming.


Jai Babaji!