No Mind


After the storm, the silence.
It’s always like that in nature. Today we had a big storm, thunder and lightening, and look now how silent, so still. So don’t worry if you go through a storm; your silence will be deeper. It’s just a good cleaning. All the dust gone.

Vasant Swaha


This week, we have had another chance to expose the tricks of the mind. In the no-mind process, we spend one hour constantly talking total gibberish. Our minds are already doing this on a subconscious level, we are merely bringing it out into the open, with awareness.


And what a liberation! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah – total nonsense filling our mouths and emptying our minds. It is so cleansing to get it out. No worries about what we are saying or who is listening. We can shout, whisper, laugh, cry, sing or scream – all the emotions which spontaneously come up are expressed in meaningless babble. It helps us get some perspective on our usual stories. The words we normally use to define ourselves can end up imprisoning us. The gibberish allows the emotions to be expressed without attachment to the words, gifting us with a new way of being.


…and once we have exhausted ourselves with these meaningless words – we can sit. Sit silently in the afterglow. Sit in the peace which follows the storm. The birdsong, the wind, the ocean – all can be heard with new ears, from a more empty space within. They can resonate more deeply – calling us back to our natural state, inviting us to come from the noisy mind to the quiet heart, to rest in that deep space within us which is beyond words, beyond time and space.


When we can sit more quietly with ourselves, we can sit more quietly with the Master. In Satsang, the silence has more space – we can soak in it because we are more ready, more open. The questions become less important and we can tune into the truth – the whisperings of the One heart.


Open for the love pouring from the source. The overflowing fount of pure truth, which is our beloved Gurudev, Vasant Swaha.