Home is where the heart is


In this silence, hearts are speaking and seekers are listening. The heart has been whispering its truths for lifetimes. Now, with this precious opportunity, we can hear it and transform.

The greatest luxury in this world is to enjoy your own Self. But that, people have totally forgotten, because this world is full of noise. And when you’re too full of noise, you can’t hear your inner silence.

Vasant Swaha


Diving into silence, into nothingness, is the sweetest thing. To realize that all you have been searching for, has been inside you all along. With no need to interact with others, we can drop the roles we normally play. Instead of trying to be somebody, feeding the ego with attention and fame, we can become no-bodies. We can drop the attachment to the physical and taste the eternal, the vast, the limitless.


This is who we truly are. The heart recognizes it, and melts. The mind cannot comprehend it, and gives up. Nothing is left, except silence and love. What sweet bliss! Sat chit ananada.


Tears of gratitude for the grace which allows us to sip this divine nectar. For the Master, who patiently shares his light so that we may see. For the compassion which drowns us in this eternal ocean of One.

131212_BR_Ram_049131215_BR_Ram_024131215_BR_Ram_079131215_BR_Ram_059 Satguru Vasant Swaha.