The Flower Garden


We are soaked in silence.
Sitting in Satsang, there is an air of peace, of quiet, of bliss. As if we could just sit here in silence for eternity, in the presence of Truth.


Four weeks ago, we came together and planted our seeds in the Master’s garden. We did not know what would grow, we just trusted the Gardener, we trusted existence. Weeks, or what seems like lifetimes, later we find that delicate, exotic flowers have grown. Their fragrance fills the air. We stop and smell, filled with wonder at what transformations have occurred.


Now that we are leaving the garden of the Beloved, we need to remember that the invitation is always open to stop and feel. We need to take responsibility to water these flowers of awareness, to take care of the insights we have gained. The habits of the mind are strong, but our hearts are stronger.


With the inspiration of our beloved Master, we can remember our lion-hearts. We can fly on the wings of love.

This life is an opportunity, and it depends how we spend it. With consciousness, you are watering your silence, your compassion, your love, your joy. In unconsciousness, then you water all the desires. You have to take care of what is essential for you. Then it doesn’t matter who or what or where you are; you have realized the Kingdom of God in you. And the beautiful thing is when you have the Kingdom of God in you, which is so fulfilling, then anything this world can give you is nothing – nothing can tempt you. So then whatever you get, you are grateful.