Summer Delight

Beloved friends, we had two Satsangs this week in Mevlana Garden. It is simply incredible, in the middle of the high season, with all the guests around, He comes, and everything stops.


This world can be too fast, so full of superficial attractions, but we are here with Him, learning the art of slowing down, to be able to look at what is real, what goes beyond all images.

Not interested in intricate theories, our Poet of Love wants us to live the beauty, not to dream or think about it. What is available around Him is too subtle to be put into words, and us, disciples, are failing more and more in describing this Mystery. How to talk about the gift of being with Him?


Swaha reminded us about our senses, which normally take us out, making us lost, slaves of all desires. He shared that our senses can be used to make us more sensitive and aware, to come back home.

Meditation is the way to bring all the senses into harmony… And Swaha is drunk on meditation.


Our senses can be a beautiful way to lead us inwards, into our depths, instead of keeping us on the surface our whole lives. It’s just a question of becoming more conscious – and your life will transform.

Vasant Swaha