The Gift of Now


As we gather once again in the beautiful mountains of Norway, preparing for our summer retreat, our beloved Master invites us to Satsang in the forest. We sit at his feet as he shares a magical story. With his usual gentle patience, he explores the story with us – inviting us to see beyond the words, revealing that which is behind the veil of the mind.

140703-NO-RAAHI-7523Just to sit with him is to relax into the truth. Beyond any words, beyond any stories, is the mystery of presence. The presence of one who has awakened, and our own presence in awareness.

You have a great opportunity. You are still alive. It is all in your hands.
The snow is melting in the high mountains. With no resistance, the water flows all the way to the ocean. Then it becomes the whole ocean.
Just like that.

Vasant Swaha