A Fresh Beginning



If you realize the chance you have, a lot is possible. Transformation is available every moment.

Vasant Swaha

Every moment, we have the opportunity to make a fresh beginning. However, the strong entanglements of our old habits and patterns can hold us back from following this natural longing.

In the first days of this retreat, our focus is on this fresh beginning. In tenderness and love, we open up for each other in new ways, exploring the boundaries of our comfort zones, challenging them.



New insights reveal themselves, as we accept what is there, in us. Then truth can come closer to us. Like our Beloved, coming to us in the forest.


His invitation is real, and we are living it again.  We are living the celebration of life, the dance, the beauty.



You are in for a great adventure – not to go anywhere, but to go more and more into the moment, into the present. Welcome.

Vasant Swaha