Sitting silently. Doing nothing.


The sun comes, the sun goes.
The rain comes, the rain goes.
Everything is change and impermanence.
Only we humans try to stop the tide.


In these last few days, we have been exploring birth, life and death. Reminding ourselves about our priorities, bringing the focus on what is important. “You will die in one week – What would you do?” Such a question helps us to clearly see what we are doing in our lives and what we would change.


Preparing to sit in Vipassana, we bring the reminder that there is only this moment – the breath entering and leaving the body. All else is just a story, a conditioning, a fear, a repression.


As we sink slowly into silence, into ourselves, we become more and more aware of the noise which normally surrounds us and distracts us. There is a vast ocean of peace which is also available, if we choose it.



And yet, it is not a choice.
Sitting silently, doing nothing, the grass grows by itself…


That space, which I call meditation, is already there. There is nothing to get.
But your habit is of effort, of doing.
In meditation you are helpless, for you have to relax, you have to be, you again have to become natural.
It’s a question of just resting into the moment. All tensions have to go. Otherwise it can’t happen.

Vasant Swaha