The Way of the White Clouds


A white cloud has nowhere to go.  It moves everywhere.  All dimensions belong to it.  All directions belong to it.  Nothing is rejected.  Everything is; existing in total acceptance.


The first weeks of the Way of the White Cloud retreat have been intense and energetic. The invitation from our beloved Master is to be total, and we are! Focusing our energy on ourselves, on cleaning out. Using this unique opportunity to really look at ourselves. To see ourselves in new ways – dropping old ideas, old stories, old pain. Becoming new, available to the moment.


Only with totality can we hope to break the habits of lifetimes. Looking beneath the layers of conditionings leads us closer to truth. Closer to ourselves. Closer to the mystery.

Remember: any problem you have, and I mean everything – if you have any problem at all – it comes from this illusion that you have about yourself and reality. In existence there is no problem. You have forgotten that you are a mystery, a living mystery.



Learning to breathe again. Learning to trust again. Learning to love again. Learning to be real.
In this loving, supportive atmosphere, with friends to help us and a loving Master to show us the way, we can become like white clouds. Pure, open, accepting.




That’s how it is to be a white cloud. Then you enjoy everything because you are not attached to anything; you just float over it.
May you all become beautiful white clouds and leave the darkness and the thunder behind.