Trust is Knocking on the Door


Breath is like a bridge from the physical to the spirit. To breathe, you have to have a body, but the breath is nothing. Breath always happens in the moment and the whole art of meditation is to be in the moment, to be present. When you breathe consciously, then just the breath can do miracles.


We are many friends, coming together in Dharma Mountain, to practice being. One of the tools we use is breathing. We are allowing the floor to support us and feeling our breath, however it is. At first, trust is small. Breath is hiding behind walls of protection. We can easily feel how much we hold back, and the tensions of the body. In the neck, the need for being in control. In the belly, the feelings we don’t allow, in the head the resistance and restlessness of the mind.


Then trust knocks on the door, and the soft hand of the Master can be felt. Guiding us, pointing for us, holding us. We can feel trust slowly opening. This field he has created for us, can hold anything. We can let everything go into this field.


I always go on reminding you, just practice melting, let go, surrender, love, trust.

We start breathing deeper, giving the driving wheel to the breath, allowing it, letting go of control more and more. And every day trust is coming back, knocking on our doors, inviting us to melt. Walls start cracking. Chests start expanding. Throats start opening, sounds of letting go are heard throughout the room. Emotions are released. And trust is growing in us.


Melting is happening. We are so silent and calm when the sessions are over. We are learning to accept everything as it is, surrendering into the arms of existence. And from this space, we are ready to meet our Master, the Beloved. 

Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.