Blissful Spring

150930_BR_Ram_050 Blissful days in the presence of the Beloved Master!
The news about a meeting with our Babaji is not about facts, or what has been said, the news is the freshness that he brings every time he comes. The news is about what is mysteriously ignited in our hearts through his presence.

To be at the feet of an enlightened being is the chance to come back to our real Self. And it’s impossible to put words on this experience. He shared: ”The Buddha represents what can happen to you, he is the reflex of your ultimate flowering”.

We are going through beautiful transformations in the sangha, and some of us shared with the Master about the challenge of being put in new situations, and still having our old habits hindering the flow. Babaji brought his clarity expressing that the only thing a sannyasin should do is to drop all defenses, all protections and ideas, so the Master can do his work. With his graceful lightness, he calls us into the ever changing river of life.

The Guru is not interested in cleverness, in people driven by the intellect. Only by dropping all shallow knowledge the real understanding can happen. Only by being available to become an instrument in the hands of the Master!

How simple it is, just to become a flute in the hands of Krishna. Still, the Guru has to remind us again and again.
Living together with the friends in this lovely family, and going through the changes that are happening in the sangha, it becomes easy to see that all is needed is to be in tune with the Master. This is the only recipe. Allowing the Master’s message to sink into our hearts, we can go beyond our false identity, and merge into something much vaster. That is what he is so kindly telling us, and this is what we are having, the chance to experience in our daily lives around him. Beyond any theory, he offers us life itself.

Maturity and responsibility are blossoming in the sangha, and the Beloved is holding our hands through this long and winding road. The little retreat is finished, but a seed has been planted in every willing heart. Now, instead of just waiting for the next retreat, we can remember that Babaji is always inside, always available to show us the way. We only have to look inwards.

Thank you, Beloved Gurudev, eternally.